Yale YDM 4109


Yale YDM 4109

  • Vendor:Yale
  • Category: Security, Z-Wave
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Yale Digital Lock YDM 4109 has a touch activated keypad conceal under a clean black glass. When touched, the numbers illuminates by individual LED. With its sleek and reflective surface design, it will make the entrance to your home look stylish. You may add additional numbers at the front or back of your password to prevent others from remembering, making it safe and adding security to your home.

  • One touch Fingerprint Verification Method
  • Voice Guide Feature
  • Smart Touchpad
  • Anti-panic egress with Safe handle
  • Scramble code
  • Easy registration of keys
  • Missing key invalidation
  • Mechanical cylinder applied
  • Break-in damage alarm
  • Automatic lock mode Electronic
  • Shock resistance Heat sensor
  • Mortise lock Type
  • Fingerprint: Up to 20
  • Mechanical keys: 2
  • Pin code: 6-12 digits
  • Color: Black
  • Outside trim dimension : 28.5″mm X 68.6mm X 320.7mm
  • Thickness : suitable for 40-80mm steel and wooden door.
  • Backset : 60mm

* Prices includes installation on site.