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The WIFIPLUG GLASS+ is the ultimate smart wall switch that allows you to use your phone to wirelessly control your light, ceiling fans or any appliance that is wired to it from anywhere in the world! Connect IFTTT & Amazon Echo to really turn your Home into a ​Smart Home!

You can create multiple timers and group different switches together to make your house look lively even when you are not at home so as to ward off burglars.

Amazon Echo Support

Perhaps one of the biggest things to launch in 2016 was Amazon Echo. With GLASS+, you can talk to your ceiling lights using Alexa! Commands range from "Alexa, turn ON the Living Room Lights" to "Alexa, turn ON the Living Room Lights in 10 minutes". Controlling Your Home has never been simpler!

IFTTT Support

WIFIPLUG GLASS+ now supports a number of awesome features starting with If This Then That (IFTTT). Forget your boring old Timers, have your ceiling lights automatically switch themselves on when the sun goes down! Having to change your timers when the clocks change is now a thing of the past!

Why not have your lights switch themselves on when you get Home? IFTTT gives you the power to setup Geo-Fencing for your GLASS+ switches meaning that you can have them switch ON/OFF when you enter a pre-defined area anywhere on the Globe!

Front panel dimensions: 86mm x 86mm x 10mm (w x h x d)

​Back box dimensions: 45mm x 45mm x 25mm (w x h x d)

Minimum power draw: 9W (any lower, GLASS won't be able to power the bulbs)

GLASS: 1 Gang maximum power draw: 240V (mains), 10A per switch, 1kW

GLASS: 2 Gang maximum power draw: 240V (mains), 5A per switch, 1kW

GLASS: 3 Gang maximum power draw: 240V (mains), 3A per switch, 1kW

Consumption: 0.33W (standby)

​Wireless frequency: 2.4GHz

Wireless standards: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Manual switch: on/off control

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​The Live wire carries current to the switch at a high voltage. The Neutral wire completes the circuit and carries current away from the switch. The third wire, called the Earth wire (green/yellow) is a safety wire and connects the metal case of the switch to the Earth. (Earth wire not necessary with GLASS: Smart Light Switches).

WIFIPLUG GLASS Wiring DiagramWIFIPLUG GLASS Wiring Diagram 2-gangWIFIPLUG GLASS Wiring Diagram 3-gang

Please refer to the manufacturer's guider here: http://www.wifiplug.co.uk/setup-for-glass.html