TKB Home Switch Plug


TKB Home Switch Plug

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  • Category: Power, Z-Wave
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The TKB Switch Plug is used between a wall outlet and lamps or other appliances connected to the socket. It allows you to control your appliances using the Z-Wave network through any Z-Wave controller. The item can even be controlled by other wireless controllers. The socket also acts as a repeater to ensures maximum coverage for your Z-Wave network.

Adding to Z-Wave Network

In the front casing, there is an ON/OFF knob which is used to carry out inclusion, exclusion or association. Put a Z-wave Wireless Controller into inclusion/exclusion mode, press the knob on the Module to complete the inclusion/exclusion process.


1.Plug this ON/OFF Module into a wall outlet near the load to be controlled.

2.Plug the load in to the Module. Make sure the load to be controlled cannot exceed 2990/3500 watts.

3.Turn the knob or switch on the load to the ON position.

4.To manually turn ON the ON/OFF Module, press and release the ON/OFF knob.

The blue indicator LED will turn ON , and the load plugged into the module will also turn ON.

5.To manually turn OFF the Module, simply press and release the ON/OFF knob.

The blue indicator LED will turn OFF and the load plugged into the Module will also turn OFF.

Operating Voltage


Maximum Load

2990 W for UK, 3500W for Germany,France


Minimum 30m line of sight

Frequency Range