Smart Home Bridge


Smart Home Bridge

  • Vendor:Automate Asia
  • Category: Control, WIFI
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Automate Asia's Smart Home Bridge allows smart home owners to voice control their devices manage by controllers such as Fibaro, Vera, Nest and Harmony Hub.

Based on a community software developed by, customised by Automate Asia, it features a simple interface to add Fibaro gateway devices to allow voice control by Google Home, Apple Hom App and Google Home.

The community software that is freely available could not automatically scan the Fibaro Home Center gateway for devices. The community software is only able to scan the Vera gateway. Our software is customised to allow scanning of devices in the Fibaro gateway.

Comes with:
Raspberry Pi 3
Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply
16 GB SD Card
UbuntuMate Operating System
AA Smart Home Bridge Software

Here is a link of our Smart Home Bridge in action: