Ring Chime

Ring Chime

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Chime plugged in

Chime plugs into any standard power outlet and works with your Ring Video Doorbell to let you know when you have a visitor even if your phone is in the other room. When someone presses the doorbell button on Ring Video Doorbell, the Chime unit will play a pre-set tone to notify you. The Ring Chime can also be configured to play a notification sound when Ring Doorbell detects motion. Ring Chime connects to 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi just like Ring Video Doorbell and can be paired to any number of Ring Video Doorbells. You can also pair multiple Ring Chime units to one Ring Video Doorbell.

Once connected to your Ring Video Doorbell, your Ring Chime will work anywhere it has a Wi-Fi connection, even in another location. After setting up your Ring Video Doorbell first, you should then set up Ring Chime. When both devices are active and on the Wi-Fi network, use the Ring App to associate Ring Chime to Ring Video Doorbell units. You will be prompted by the Ring App to associate your Ring Chime to one or more Ring Video Doorbells during the last step of the WiFi setup process. The Ring App is available on iPhones and iPads, Mac App, Android phones and tablets and any Windows 10 computer and tablet.

Plug & Play

Plug Chime into a wall outlet, connect to your Wi-Fi network and link to your Ring Doorbell.

Do Not Disturb

Disable Chime for the times when you want peace and quiet.

Volume Control

Set a custom volume in the Ring app so Chime is never too loud or too quiet.

Ring Chime in kitchen

Set up as many chimes as you want and never miss a ding

Ring Chime works with your Ring Video Doorbell by letting you know when you have a visitor, even when your tablet or smartphone isn't nearby. 

  • Network: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 Ghz WIFI
  • Dimensions:2.75” (6.985 cm) tall by 1.88” (4.775 cm) wide by 1.3” (3.302 cm) deep
  • Audio: speaker only
  • LED indicator: Yes
Ring Chime Factsheet (Size: 4.33 MB)

Ring Chime Setup Guide (Size: 4.17 MB)