Remotec AC IR Extender

Remotec AC IR Extender

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  • Vendor:Remotec

The Remotec ZXT-120 is a Z-Wave to Infrared (IR) extender for air-conditioners (AC). It works with any Z-Wave compliant gateway or controller by translating Z-Wave Thermostat Commands to AC IR control code.

Users can select the IR code from the built-in code library of ZXT-120 through the configuration commands, or use learning function through the gateway's user interface. ZXT-120 also has a built-in temperature sensor which allows the gateway or controller to get the current room temperature.

ZXT-120 can be configured as either "Frequently Listening Routing Slaves" FLiRS (if you are using battery) or "Always Listening" (if you are using 5Vdc adaptor) before inclusion process. ZXT-120 supports Network Wide Inclusion (NWI) and Explore Frames.

It also supports Z-Wave networks with multiple gateways and controllers. Once the configuration and setup is complete, the gateway or controller can use Z-Wave "Thermostat commands class" to control their IR-controlled air-conditioner through the ZXT-120.

  • 100% Z-Wave interoperable
  • Perfect Gateway companion
  • Built-in AC IR code library
  • Best-in-class learning capability
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Fully compliant to Z-Wave command class
  • Built-in 5 direction IR emitters (hemispherical coverage), plus 3.5mm jack for external wired IR emitter
  • Built-in AC IR code library with Configuration Learning capability
  • Programmable power level (LOW or HIGH) for external IR emitter to avoid saturation of IR receivers
  • Dual mode (FLiRS mode when working on battery, Always Listening mode when work on AC power)
  • Frequency: US: 908.4MHz, EU: 868.4MHz, AU:921.4MHz
  • Power Source: USB mini-B, 3xAAA batteries Dismountable battery box
  • Dimension: Extender unit: 70mm(diameter)*18mm(thickness)
  • Battery box: 70mm(diameter)*15.5mm(thickness)