Raex MD920 Curtain Motor System


Raex MD920 Curtain Motor System

  • Vendor:Raex
  • Category: Sunshade, Z-Wave
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  • Quiet DC motorised drapery system
  • Motor automatically sets limits
  • Curtain can be opened manually in case of power failure
  • Motor operation can be started manually by moving curtains
  • Intermediate functions with slower start and stop speeds
  • Built-in radio receiver, switch or network control
  • Track with self-lubricating design for straight and curved curtains
  • Durable textile belt system that is easy to install

Raex MD920 Parts

Motor Specifications

Load Capacity

Raex MD920 Load Capacity

Bracket Spacing

Raex MD920 Bracket Spacing 

Comes with

Raex MD920 Track System Exploded View

  1. MD920 DC drapery motor
  2. Power cord (Euro plug)
  3. 5.7 meter P322 track
  4. P322 drive unit
  5. P322 runner
  6. P322 track joiner
  7. 12mm textile belt
  8. Master carrier
  9. Male belt clippers
  10. Belt clips
  11. Loop stop
  12. Ceiling brackets
  13. Wall brackets 
  14. YR1326 transmitter
  15. YR1326 cradle holder