POPP Wall Plug Dimmer (UK)


POPP Wall Plug Dimmer (UK)

  • Vendor:POPP
  • Category: Lighting, Z-Wave
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The POPP Wall Plug Dimmer Socket can control any lamp connected to a wall socket socket. You can remotely turn the lamp on or off and control its brightness by using a Z-Wave controller. It also includes a button to enable you to control the lamp manually.

The German designed POPP dimmer is extremely versatile, it can dim all incandescent lights, high voltage halogen lamps and transformer operated low voltage lamps. It also includes special optimisation functions to enable it to work with the majority of dimmable LEDs and CFLs (Energy Saving).

The POPP Dimmer socket is available in French/Belgium, Schuko and UK plug types.

  • Programmable Maximum and Minimum Dim levels
  • Programmable Dim rates
  • LED/CFL Configuration Parameters
  • Automatic Light-Off
  • LED night-light feature
  • Baby-Dim Function - dims from one level to another level in a defined period
  • Technology: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)    
  • Voltage: 230V, 50Hz    
  • Maximum load: 300W (resistive/inductive) and 100W (reactive)    
  • Lamp Types: Incandescent, high voltage halogen, low voltage lamps (via transformer), LEDs and CFLs    
  • Push-button: manual override, inclusion, exclusion and association    
  • LED: indicates device is On  
  • Environment: IP20 - Indoor only