Philio Smart Energy Wall Plug

Philio Smart Energy Wall Plug

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  • Vendor:Philio

The Philio Z-Wave Smart Energy Wall Plug enables you to control any appliance and measure its power consumption. It can detect voltage, current, power factor, instant power wattage (5~3,150W) and overload wattage (3010~3300W) of a connected light or appliance. When it detects an overload state, the plug will be disabled and its On/Off button will be locked (its LED will flash for 30 seconds).

Note: To be used as part of a Z-Wave network this socket requires a suitable Z-Wave controller.

  • Technology: Buiilt-in Z-Wave 5th Gen Chip
  • Supports OTA firmware upgrade
  • Output Power: +2.5dBm
  • Maximum load: 3,000W (Resistive), 1,500W (Incandescent), 320W (Fluorescent)
  • Voltage: 90 - 240VAC
  • Overload protection: 3,300W
  • Metering: current consumption (W) and accumulated consumption (kWh)
  • Buttons: On/Off/Include
  • Status indicator: LED