MCOHome CO2 Monitor


MCOHome CO2 Monitor

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MCOHome CO2 Monitor is an air quality detector which compatible with Z-Wave technology, it is mainly used to monitor CO2 concentration in industrial, agricultural, and residence environment, while monitoring the indoor temperature, humidity and VOC (optional) air quality. Device can be included into any Z-Wave network, and is compatible with any other Z-Wave certified devices.

Device is suggested to be installed indoor, a place with around 1.5m height above the floor where represents the average CO2 concentration. It should be away from direct sunlight, any cover, or any heat source, to avoid false signal for temperature control.

MCOHome CO2 monitor explained

  • Monitor CO2 concentration in air with high accuracy
  • Power supply12VDC/85~260VAC
  • CO2 range: 0-2000ppm, default alarm threshold:1000ppm (adjustable)
  • Temperature range-9.050 ; Humidity range: 0%99%RH
  • Dimension: 90*130*28mm (3.5'' *5.1'' *1.1'')
  • Installation: Wall-mounted (Vertical), Hole Pitch60mm or 82mm
  • Z-Wave frequency: 868.42MHz(EU) , 908.42MHz (US) or other frequency customised