IntesisBox Panasonic Aircon to BACNet Gateway

IntesisBox Panasonic Aircon to BACNet Gateway

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The IntesisBox Gateway has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of your Panasonic air conditioning system remotely from your Control Center using any commercial SCADA or monitoring software that includes a BACnet/IP driver. To do so, IntesisBox allows BACnet/IP communication, acting as a server, allowing polling or subscription requests (COV).

IntesisBox makes available the Panasonic air conditioning system indoor units through independent BACnet objects. Abstraction of Panasonic air conditioning system properties and functionalities as fixed BACnet Objects. IntesisBox allows fixed BACnet object IDs mapping. Simple configuration is needed: just select the appropriate communication parameters (IP address, baud rate…). IntesisBox connects to the Panasonic CZ-CFUNC2 communication adaptor.

Models Available

  • PA-AC-BAC-64 (64 indoor units and 30 outdoor units)
  • PA-AC-BAC-128 (128 indoor units and 30 outdoor units)

    Integration Example of Panasonic Air Conditioner Units through CZ-CFUNC2 interface into a BACnet installation

    Integration Example

    • Easy installation. Connection of PANASONIC communication interface CZ-CFUN2 to IntesisBox® through EIA485.

    • Great integration flexibility. The gateway polls continuously or by means of BACnet subscription requests (COV). Panasonic indoor units can be monitored and controlled from BACnet using standard BACnet objects. IntesisBox BACnet/ IP Server series are configured using LinkBoxBacnet software.

    • Simultaneous control from BACnet/IP BMS and the Panasonic remote controller.
    • Bidirectional: Monitoring and Control

    • Robust and reliable hardware

    • Direct connection to BACnet/IP

    • Independent management of communications

    • Power supply: 9 to 24Vdc or 24Vac

    • Standard DIN-Rail 6 modules enclosure