Innr GU10 SPOT


Innr GU10 SPOT

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This retrofit spotlight is the smart LED variant of the classic halogen spotlight. With the Innr app you can wirelessly control the lamp.

  • beautiful warm white light
  • wireless dimming with the Innr app
  • optimal color rendition
  • energy efficient (>90%)

Use the GU10 retrofit spotlight to replace halogen spotlights in ceiling. Not only will you save up to 90% of energy, you can then also control your spotlights individually or together with the Innr app. Note: the Innr lights do not work with a wall dimmer!

Length: 55mm

Diameter: 50mm

Weight: 56.00grs

Wattage: 4.8 W

Beam angle: 36°

Lifetime: >25000 hour

Lumen: 350 Lm


CRI: 80-90

Colour temperature: 2700 K

Replacement wattage: 50 W

Power factor: 0.70