FIBARO HomeKit Bridge

FIBARO HomeKit Bridge

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  • Vendor:Automate Asia

Automate Asia's FIBARO HomeKit Bridge allows smart home owners to voice control their devices manage by FIBARO Home Center via Apple HomeKit.

FIBARO HomeKit Bridge  is still based on an open source solution which you can download and setup on a Linux box (with some technical skills).

We've only prepackage it and made it easier for non technical folks by providing a web based UI to quickly configure and make your FIBARO Home Center HomeKit compatible.

Please note that we will not be able to guarantee that future firmware upgrade to your FIBARO Home Center or iOS versions will work on the Smart Home Bridge as we do not have control over bug fixes over the open source solution. The current Smart Home Bridge works with FIBARO firmware 4.XXX and iOS 11.

1. Plug in the FIBARO HomeKit Bridge to your router with a LAN cable and power the Raspberry Pi.

2. Go to http://homekitbridge:8810/configure (on Android) or http://homekitbridge.local:8810/configure (on iOS)

3. Key in your local FIBARO Home Center credential and click save.

4. Launch your Home App on your iOS device to add the HomeKit bridge, by manually keying in the HomeKit accessories code. (the HomeKit accessories code will be shown in the URL above).

5. Enjoy the voice control with Siri!

Comes with:
1. Raspberry Pi 3
2. Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply
3. Enclosure
4. 16 GB SD Card
5. UbuntuMate Operating System
6. FIBARO HomeKit Bridge Software