Estimote Sticker Beacons


Estimote Sticker Beacons

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Stickers are the next generation of tiny BLE beacons, providing mobile apps with context of physical objects. Beacons provide location context for venues. Stickers do the same for physical objects. To turn any item into a nearable, just attach a sticker to it. A Nearable is a smart object broadcasting data about its location, motion, and environment to a mobile device in range. With nearables, you’re able to design a contextually aware app for everything around you - your plant, dog’s collar, or purse.

Stickers are adhesive on one side. There’s a small PCB inside and it can broadcast a Bluetooth Smart signal up to about 15 meters (50 feet). The advertising interval is dynamically adjusted by our adaptive algorithms, to optimise for energy efficiency and signal stability. Currently, settings cannot be edited.

Depending on usage, the battery can work for even a year. Stickers also have an accelerometer and temperature sensor. Stickers are waterproof, however, extreme weather conditions can impact performance. For example, heavy rain can limit the range and very high/low temperature can decrease battery life.

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Estimote beacons are essentially tiny, low power computers attached to walls or objects in the physical world. Using proximity technologies they detect human presence and behavior and trigger pre-programmed actions delivering contextual and personalised experiences.

  1. Each beacon has a Bluetooth® Low Energy transmitter. It broadcasts tiny radio signals over the air containing unique, location-specific data.

  2. Modern smartphones constantly scan for these signals. If they enter their range an associated app responds with the desired action.

  3. For example, it can fetch content that is tied to a user's profile or micro-location. Apps can also push to the cloud user data or statistics.

  4. Personalised content is displayed as a notification or directly in the app. Nearby screens can also respond with relevant information.
  • Battery Life: 1 year
  • Range: 7 meters
  • Thickness: 6 mm
  • iBeacon or Eddystone packet: 1 at a time
  • Additional packets:
    • connectivity
    • nearable with telemetry
  • Built-in sensors
    • motion
    • temperature
    • Devices in the kit
      • 10 stickers