Chair Occupancy Sensor


Chair Occupancy Sensor

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Telehealth Chair Occupancy Sensor is soft, comfortable and quiet. Use this product to detect chair occupancy and alert caregiver if occupant is sitting too long or needs help when getting out of chair. The Chair Occupancy Sensor plays an important role in monitoring the older adults at home and providing caregivers with peace of mind. This sensor can help prevent falls by alerting caregivers when the patient exits the chair to use the bathroom or to go to bed so that they can be assisted.

Remote monitoring of the patient can provide valuable data such as:

  • If they have been sedentary too long and need to get up and move around
  • Whether they fell asleep in their chair and did not go to bed
  • When they have gotten up and need help to the bathroom

This product is ideal for monitoring cognitively impaired older adults with poor safety judgement and history of falls.

Chair sensors are made from FDA approved antimicrobial materials (99.97% effective) that prevents skin ulcers and are easy to clean. The sensors have non-slip surface that keep the sensors positioned in the same place. The sensor is also water proof and are easily cleaned. Chair sensors are warranted for one year.


chair sensor connectivity

Materials: Top-coated nylon cloth, waterproof, anti-microbial, bottom-coated polyester cloth, waterproof, anti-slip

Size: 279mm X 279mm X 7.9mm

Activation Force: 22.7 kg (50 lbs)

Switch Configuration: Normally Open momentary contact switch

Maximum current / Maximum Operating voltage: 50mA / 24 Volts

Cable: 2 Conductor 24 AWG, PVC shielded cable


chair sensor dimensions