Bed Occupancy Sensor


Bed Occupancy Sensor

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Our bed occupancy sensor is soft, comfortable and quiet, so it does not disturb sleep. Use this product to detect bed occupancy with any wireless or wired system. Other features include:

  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Nonslip, water-resistant material
  • Optional filter eliminates alarms due to momentary signals
  • 11 inch by 30 inch standard size
  • One-year warranty


  • Length of Switch: 30 inches
  • Width of Switch: 11 inches
  • Top Material: PVC coated nylon cloth, waterproof, anti-microbial
  • Bottom Material: PVC coated polyester cloth, waterproof, anti-slip
  • Cable: 2-conductor, 24AWG, PVC sheathed cable.
  • Activation Force: Minimum activation, 50 lb. test subject lying on top of switch
  • Interface: Normally open, momentary contact switch.
  • Max Operating Current: 50 mA
  • Max Operating Voltage: 24 Volts
  1. Place BOS on top of the mattress where most of the person’s weight is incident. (Usually buttocks/waist) BOS may be placed under/over sheet and mattress pad.
  2. The cable should be on the opposite side of where the person gets in/out of bed.

Cleaning: Wipe down with moistened cloth, and wipe dry. DO NOT MACHINE WASH!