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Aeotec Minimote

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The MiniMote, Z-Wave Remote Controller

The Aeotec MiniMote is a fully functional ZWave remote control capable of adding, removing and controlling a range of Z-Wave devices. Advanced functions include automatic rediscovery of the Z-Wave network and becoming a secondary or inclusion controller to a SIS gateway.

Network installation is vastly improved via the interface. MiniMote is upgradeable by the end-user such that the latest Z-Wave protocols are always available.

It can control four Z-Wave devices, device groups or scenes using the four 'scene' control buttons on the top of the controller. A further four dedicated network setup buttons (located under the bottom-slide door) are used to add and remove devices to the Z-Wave network. MiniMote is also capable of being gateway configurable such that the functions of the buttons can be swapped and modified on the fly to better suit complimenting static gateway solutions.

The remote control is powered from an internal lithium battery, this can be charged via USB (cable included).

Full scene control

Each button on the Minimote can do more than just turn things on and off or brighten and dim lights. They can also control entire scenes, setting the state of multiple devices all at once.

Black and white

Minimote is available in sleek black and crisp white.

Z-Wave inside

Each Minimote is powered by the same technology and intelligence that binds all of Aeotec’s Z-Wave products.

  • Technology: Z-Wave transmitter (868.42MHz)
  • Device Control: Single button control of Z-Wave device groups
  • Device Scenes: Single button control of up to eight Z-Wave scenes
  • Distance: up to 30m indoors
  • Display: LED to confirm wireless operations
  • Local operation: 4 buttons plus four mode buttons
  • Power supply: Rechargeable (via USB)
  • Dimensions: 100 x 33 x 12mm