Aeotec LED Strip LED Light 5m Z-Wave Plus


Aeotec LED Strip LED Light 5m Z-Wave Plus

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  • Category: Lighting
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16 million shades of perfect light.

Lighting has changed. It’s now smart and it’s now connected. It can now turn on when you enter a room or turn off when you’re not home.

Lighting is now also decorative. Painting your rooms, halls and stairs with perfect colours. Your home is no longer decorated with just furniture and and photos.

LED Strip from Aeotec’s Z-Wave. Lighting that you can put anywhere. Lighting that lets you paint your home in 16 million colours of light or perfect shades of white.

Paint your room with 16 million shades of light with Z-Wave Plus Aeotec LED Strip.

  • Fully dimmable RGBW Z-Wave LED Strip
  • 16.5 feet (5m) of bright colours to vitalize any interior
  • Find the perfect ambiance among 16 million shades of light
  • Low energy consumption with the latest LED technology
  • Cut it to fit your needs
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified