Aeotec LED Bulb - Gen5


Aeotec LED Bulb - Gen5

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Aeotec LED Bulb offers a smarter, better and connected solution for controlling your home's lighting based on the ambience of the room, time of the day, or simply your mood.

The smart LED Bulb also comes with powerful dimming capabilities, allowing you to swiftly increase the brightness, based on your personal preferences. The Z-Wave powered bulb also connects seamlessly to your home automation system's Z-Wave gateway device, and lets you automate and schedule lighting from anywhere in the world. Aeotec LED bulb is also energy efficient, consuming only 9 watts at maximum brightness, but emitting brightness equivalent to a 70W bulb. Aeon promises a superior life of 50000 hours-- which means at eight hours a day, it can last for nearly 45 years.

Aeotec LED Bulb uses 15 superior, high-quality diodes to create the perfect lighting for your room. These diodes combine to provide a maximum light temperature range from 2,580 Kelvin to 7,050 Kelvin. Aeotec LED Bulb has a colour rendering index (CRI) of 80-- a strong metric that highlights its ability to produce realistic light and colour. Aeotec Bulb can be tuned to emit the same colour of light as it comes through your windows during the day or it can be tuned to fill your room with soft and warm light at night. Change lighting as per your mood or use lighting to change your mood While warm whites help you relax, cool whites energize your body and help you in staying proactive during the day.

Aeotec LED Bulb comes with Z-Wave connectivity that lets you wirelessly control the lighting from anywhere. The smart LED bulb can be connected with your home automation system to automate lighting, run schedules and intelligently trigger other smart devices, even while you're away. Aeotec designed the smart LED bulb to work everywhere. It's plug-and-play, which means it can be inserted into any light socket and controlled easily by pressing the action button on the side.

The Aeotec LED Bulb works with the Aeotec Z-Stick, Vera and Fibaro gateways.

Model number: ZW098.
Bulb holder type: E27
Max operating power: 9W.
Max brightness: 850 lumens.
Rated colour temperature: 4700K.
Useful life: 50000 hours.
Operating temperature: 0 to 40 /32 to 104.
Relative humidity: 8% to 80%.
Operating distance: Up to 500 feet/150 metres outdoors