Aeotec Home Energy Meter


Aeotec Home Energy Meter

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  • Category: Power, Z-Wave
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The Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter connects to mains power in your electricity box and report  energy use back to your Z-Wave gateway or controller.

Wires into your electricity box for improved performance, and it also offers the same great wireless communication that you’ll find across all of Z-Wave products. Installed in an electricity box, the energy meter will monitor the total consumption of electricity used by all connected devices in the house.

The installation of your Home Energy Meter is just two easy steps: the installation of the meter into your Z-Wave network and the installation of it into your AC mains electricity box.

Home Energy Meter can report wattage energy usage or kWh energy usage to a Z-Wave gateway or controller in real time. Energy meter comes in single clamp and monitors on individual phase level.

Technology: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
Clamp Rating options: 60A / 100A / 200A
Clamp size: Fits cables up to 10, 16 and 24mm
Metering: current consumption (W) and accumulated consumption (kWh)
Push-button: On/Off, inclusion, exclusion and association
LED: indicates device is active
Power: 230V only
Rating: IP43 - withstands most outdoor weather conditions
Dimensions (LxWxH): 108 x 67 x 30mm (unit), 1,400mm (leads)