Adaptive Bed Sensor


Adaptive Bed Sensor

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Adaptive bed occupancy sensor is soft, comfortable and quiet and does not disturb sleep. Place this bed occupancy sensor under the mattress or on top of the bed for easy detection within any monitoring system. With a typical bed sensor, the total weight on the sensor equals the weight of the mattress, plus the weight of the patient. Our adaptive bed sensor cancels out mattress weight, making it usable for most mattresses

Telehealth Bed sensors play an important role in monitoring the older adults at home and providing caregivers with peace of mind. This sensor can help prevent alls by alerting caregivers when the patient euxits the bed to use the bathroom so that they can be assisted.

Remote monitoring of the patient can provide valuable data such as:

  • What time the patient went to bed and whether they are sleeping enough
  • Whether they got out of bed on time or need to be checked upon in the morning
  • Whether the patient went to bed or not at night

This product is ideal for monitoring cognitively impaired older adults with poor safety judgement and history of falls.

Bed sensors are made from FDA approved antimicrobial materials (99.97% effective) that prevents skin ulcers and are easy to clean. The sensors have non-slip surface that keeps it positioned in the same place even with restless sleepers. The sensor is also very quiet and is designed not to make noise when the patient moves around in bed. Bed sensors are warranted for one year.


Materials: Top-coated nylon cloth, waterproof, anti-microbial, bottom-coated polyester cloth, anti-slip
Size: 279mm X 762mm X 7.6mm
Activation Force: 22.7 kn (50 lbs)
Switch Configuration: Normally Open momentary contact switch
Maximum current / Maximum Operating voltage: 50 mA / 24 Volts
Cable: 2 Conductor 24 AWG, PVC shielded cable