Smart Home Packages

We believe there are no one size fits all packages for smart home. These packages might give you a good idea of the budget required to get your home smarter but most of the time you might want to tweak the packages to your own needs. If you require more research, you might want to check this guide out.

Hub based smart home packages are more suited for customers prefers to have full integration across various smart home eco-systems. 


Control of lightings as Philips Hue, INNR, Yeelights,  MCO or Aqara switches, Fibaro or Aeotec Z-Wave modules can be easily integrated.


You may also use your existing Sensibo, Ambi Climate or even Daikin Wifi to control your air-conditioner. Already have a Dyson fan? Just add it to Homey.

Window Coverings

For blinds and curtains, as long as you have Somfy or Dooya motors, you can easily control them with Homey with just a few tap.


What's more, you have seamless music integration to your Google Home, Sonos and even high end sound system from Onkyo and Bose!


You can also choose to add sensors anytime to enhance your smart home experience. 

Access Controls

Samsung and Yale Z-Wave locks can be used together with your Ring or Doorbird connected doorbell through the Homey hub. Make your Google Home announce your visitor when someone presses your Ring or Doorbird!

Voice control is already a given in such versatile system. If you are a techie at heart, wishes to have seamless integration across many eco system of devices you have into a single mobile app the above packages or budgets that you might be looking for. You can also choose to attend a workshop for us to guide you in details!