E-ink Dash

Introducing the E-ink Dash that works with Homey.

The E-ink Dash is an affordable, low energy wall mounted dashboard that allows you control your favourite devices or scenes on the multitouch display.

Time to say goodbye to constantly glowing wall mounted tablets, the E-ink dash blends into your interior without looking obscure.


Smart home on print

With its superior, high-resolution 6” screen, E-ink Dash always shows your favourite devices and flows in a natural, print-like manner.


Back lighting without the glare

As bedtime approaches, the e-ink dashboard automatically soften into a diffused warm light without affecting your sleep.


Place it on TV console

Or place it like a photo frame on your TV console with optional Qi receiver. Simply position your Qi charger right under the frame.



6” E-Ink touchscreen, 300 ppi, print quality
8 GB of on-board memory
Smart back lighting for better sleep
Wi Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Micro USB
200mm x 150mm x 28mm
Optional Qi receiver 
Price : Less than price of 2 switches*