Swiid Cord Switch

Swiid Cord Switch

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Swiid Cord Switch in hand

Swiid Cord Switch (SWI_ZCS1) is the first (and at this time still the only) cord switch in the Z -Wave® ecosystem which is small enough to be compared to a regular cord switch. It can be used both manually like any ordinary cord switch and remotely by Z -Wave®.

The Swiid Cord Switch replaces your existing cord. It can be turned On/Off like a manual switch or be controlled wirelessly by Z-Wave. It can also be used to directly control other Z-Wave devices on your home automation system.

Lamp Control

The SwiidInter Cord switch, is installed into the lamp's cable, replacing any existing cable switch. You can then control the lamp wirelessly via your Z-Wave system, or you can manually control the lamp by pressing the SwiidInter's button. This is ideal for any type of lamp up to 660W.

Z-Wave Control of other Devices

Scene Control

The SwiidInter Cord switch features instant status updates which means that each time the lamp is switched On or Off this is immediately reported to the Z-Wave controller. You can use this to trigger a scene that can then control many devices, start a timer or even send you an alert.

Associated Devices

The Cord switch has two Association groups, each of which can be associated with up to five other Z-Wave devices. This means that the Cord Switch can be used to control other Z-Wave devices such as On/Off switches, dimmers etc - all from the touch of the SwiidInter's button. The association groups are controlled with a short (group 2) or a long (group 1) press of the SwindInter's button.

Being able to easily control scenes or other Z-Wave devices make the SwiidInter Cord Switch extremely versatile in controlling local (wired) lamp as well as lots of other devices and events in your system.

The SwiidInter Cord Switch works with most Z-Wave controllers.

Input: 230V ± 10% - 50Hz
Max. Power: 660W
EU Norms: EN 61058-2-1:2011 & EN 55015
Protection index: IP20
Size: 84 x 32 x 29 mm
Radio protocol: Z-Wave® (SDK 4.55)
Radio frequency: 868,42 MHz (EU)
Transmission dist.: Max. 30m indoors depending on construction materials
Working temp: 0 – 40°C
On/Off signal: Blue LEDs
Power consumption: < 0,08W