Remotec Scene Master
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Remotec Scene Master

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The Remotec Scene Master ZRC-90 is a Z-Wave controller which can trigger actions and predefined scenes in a Z-Wave control center. The scene master is ideal for kids, elderlies and guests who may not have full access your to your smart home's mobile application.

The device has 8 single buttons and a status LED. With a convenient snap-in wall mount, the ZRC-90 can also be removed to keep it handy while you go about your home for the ultimate in simple convenience.

The ZRC-90 is a great solution for triggering events more quickly than taking out your smart-phone and running a home control app. When one of the buttons on the ZRC-90 is pushed, your Z-Wave central controller will receive a signal which it can use to trigger unlimited control possibilities. With 8 buttons, each supporting a long-press capability, you can control 16 different actions in your central controller.

  • Works with any Z-Wave compliant gateway for easy scene activation
  • Mount anywhere you like, or just put it on your coffee table
  • Easy access while your phone is charging
  • Z-Wave Plus compliant
  • 8 buttons can be single or double clicked to trigger 16 different actions from gateway
  • USB upgradeable by special tool
  • Powered by 2 x AAA batteries
  • Battery iife: 1 year at 30 button presses er day.
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 70mm x 13.5mm