FIBARO Starter Kit

FIBARO Starter Kit

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FIBARO Starter Kit is an easy way to explore all benefits of home automation. Five different devices together with Home Center Lite will improve your quality of life. Installation is fast and easy; it does not require any changes to the structure of the building. The devices are ready to use in just a few minutes and their unique, organic design adds an aesthetic touch to any interior.

  • Home Center Lite - central unit, which is used to control the wireless system
  • Flood Sensor - water sensor, which will inform you about any leakage
  • Smoke Sensor – fire alarm that detects not only smoke but also the sudden rise of the temperature
  • Motion Sensor - motion detector that will inform you about any uninvited guests
  • Door/ Window Sensor - reed sensor that will remind you about any open windows
  • Wall Plug – remotely controlled outlet adapter which also measures power consumption
  1. FIBARO Starter Kit means safety for you and your family. It will give you a constant access to your home and full control over home appliances from anywhere in the world. You will be informed in case of any unusual events: fire, leakage, iron which was left on or visit of uninvited guests.

  2. FIBARO Starter Kit allows the basic energy saving features. It means not only lowering electricity bills, but also taking care of the environment. Home Center Lite helps to create energy consumption statistics which are presented in a form of clear charts. It will help you to locate and eliminate the most energy-hungry appliances. Now, analysis becomes easy and more money stays in your wallet every month.