Truly blue MCOHome Touch Panels

Truly blue MCOHome Touch Panels

Posted by Edwin Tan


Automate Asia is the only distributor of MCOHome touch panel switches in Singapore. Due to our close partnership with MCO, we are now able to customise the MCO switches based on our customers' feedback on the switches.

If you have ever ordered an MCOHome touch panel switch online, you should have seen the product pictures from MCO like this.

You might have imagined the switch to have a blue LED indicator when it is powered on as shown in the picture. However, the actual switch has a green LED indicator when it is on and a dim orange LED indicator when it is off.


The good news is, we have customised the MCOHome touch panel switches have a blue LED indicator when it is on and a dim white LED indicator when it is off. On top of that, because we love a minimalist look, we also requested to remove the MCOHome logo from the faceplates.


Some of our customers asked why didn't we OEM and put our own brand onto the switch. Our rational is, we do not see the purpose of placing our brand on the switch and try to market is as our own brand when it is easily identified it as an MCO OEM. We have seen many companies labelling their brand on china OEM smart home products and pray that it will fly off the shelves because it is a Singapore brand. It is just not our style.

The MCOHome truly blue switches are now uniquely available on our online store as well as our resellers.

Automate Asia Team


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