Series of articles to start your smart home journey, the smart Singaporean story

Series of articles to start your smart home journey, the smart Singaporean story

Posted by Mike Lim

Starting a smart home journey in Singapore is confusing and extremely so if you are not very tech savvy. As a consumer, you probably started by going to Google, punch in the terms "Smart Home Singapore" or "Home Automation Singapore".

Not only you are presented with an entire list of companies that offer smart home products and services. From companies aggressively paying for ads to list themselves on Google, to companies that have done quite a bit of market education, thus appearing naturally in the listing.

Every one claims to do the same few things, "best", "leading", "trusted". You started to call or visit them, every one offers different technology at different price points.

On the other hand as you surfed the forums, you saw brands like Philips Hue, Xiaomi, Samsung Smart Things, Google Home and Amazon Echo. Now when you felt you are probably getting a better idea, you got to know terms like Z-Wave, Zigbee, RF, Wifi each have their own pros and cons.

Finally you probably also read up the wiring involved for your new dream home. Some technologies require you to do full house rewiring while other requires pulling of neutral. Ideally you like to not do any additional wiring to save cost but it seems inevitable for stability.


Seems like the more you dig the more confused you get. We hope to offer you some insights to the smart home market in Singapore at least through our very own eyes, learning from customers throughout the years since 2012. Through this series of articles, we hope to walk you through some of the considerations that other smart home owners have made. This is kind of a smart home mind map where one consideration leads to another.

Articles in this series are some of the questions our customers usually ask, we tend to be technology agnostic because smart home solution is never one size fits all. There are smart home solutions for techies as well as for dummies. While some are made for DIY and some are designed for you to keep going back to the in$taller.

1. Which smart home technology should you adopt? Z-Wave, Zigbee or Wifi?

2. You can install smart switches without neutral, why do people still do otherwise when they can save cost? 

3. Smart home industry in Singapore? Who are the players and how do I choose?  [Coming soon]

4. Are all touch switches built equal? I'll just choose the dirt cheap one, right?  [Coming soon]

5. Do I still need smart switches when I'm going to use Philip Hue throughout the house? [Coming soon]

6. To Hub or not to Hub? Do we still need a smart home hub? [Coming soon] 

If you like please bear with us while we churn the articles out. They may not be written in the above order, we may also have a sudden urge add something. Alternatively, you can simply contact us to have a chat to answer your specific considerations.

Automate Asia Team

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