Review : KeyWe Z-Wave Lock (and Homey integration)

Review : KeyWe Z-Wave Lock (and Homey integration)

Posted by Mike Lim

KeyWe is a korean company that launched its kickstarter "Smartest Lock Ever" campaign for their connected smart lock. Featuring connectivity such as NFC, Bluetooth, Z-Wave and a wifi bridge, the smart lock is also a typical battery operated deadbolt lock with a touchpad for fingerprint and a manual keyhole.

The price for the lock in the kickstarter campaign is very attractive at USD99. The reason that we backed the campaign is mainly we know that the company behind it is not exactly a startup and we have previously tested some of their locks before. So even there was a 4 months delay in shipping, it is generally a good and responsible campaign owner on kickstarter. 

First Impression


The box comes with an array of accessories, everything you need to install the lock, together with batteries, NFC tags/wristbands and new deadbolt. 




One of the key features is that it can simply detects your phone using a BLE signal and unlocks as you walk up to the door. As the lock comes with a magnetic sensor that locks after closing.  This feature works similar to that of Danalock where you have to set a GPS fence. The auto unlock works only when you came from outside the GPS fence and come into proximity of the door. However, like all Bluetooth dependent features, it my work better on certain phones than others. For us, it didn't work 100% of the time but it doesn't take a lot to punch in your pin on the touch pad if the bluetooth doesn't work.


The lock comes with some NFC tags and wristbands for easy unlock. Each tag or wristbands can be tagged to a specific user of the lock. Not forgetting the logs available for you to monitor and review the history of lock usage, it serves a good use case of monitoring what time your kid (or even spouse is home!). In fact you can even unlock the lock by tapping your phone on it if the NFC model of your phone is compatible. We didn't do extensive test on many phones. It didn't work for Pixel 2 XL but worked for Samsung Note 9.  

Like many connected locks, you are also able to invite users for permanent and temporary access. The lock does come with a Wifi bridge that enable remote unlock, great for occasions where you have a parcel that you do not want to be left outside your door. We didn't get the Wifi bridge for testing because we are integrating it to the Homey smart home hub.


As a distributor and app developer of Homey smart home hub, we couldn't resist developing a Homey app for it. The well-documented Z-Wave specs is available out of the box. So we took a day or two to whip up the KeyWe Z-Wave Lock Homey app. With the integration to Homey, the KeyWe lock becomes way much smarter as every operation on the lock can be tracked by the Homey hub to trigger certain actions for your home. Below are some of the conditions that can be monitored.


And here's some rules that we have set for the smart home. Please note this is not screenshots of the KeyWe app. These screenshots are from Homey flow editor where smart home actions can be defined based on the various operation of the lock.



For the features available on a smart lock, it is really a steal for the kickstarter price of USD99. The functionality and possibilities is further enhanced with a Homey smart home hub. The price of USD 99 is no longer available on kickstarter as the campaign is closed. To get it officially in Singapore, My Digital Lock seems to be the only company carrying it ($399 on Lazada but not sure if it comes with installation). With this price and functionality, we would definitely prefer it over Yale Z-Wave deadbolt.

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