Review : Facial Recognition Temperature Screener

Review : Facial Recognition Temperature Screener

Posted by Mike Lim

We have launched a Facial Recognition Temperature Screener earlier this month to help local SMEs to cope with employees and visitors temperature screening.

As an SME, we understand the additional administrative work required to ensure that safe management measures are put in place. Specifically the Facial Recognition Temperature Screener aims to help in the following:

  • Control access at the workplace to only essential employees and authorised visitors while keeping a record.
  • Wear masks at the workplace: Employers must ensure that all onsite personnel, including employees, visitors, suppliers and contractors, wear a mask and other necessary personal protective equipment at all times at the workplace, except during activities that require masks to be removed. 
  • Ensure regular checks for temperature and respiratory symptoms for all onsite employees and visitors, twice daily or where relevant. Employers must be able to demonstrate that these checks are in place during inspections.

Just the above 3 measures would likely need a headcount to administer, so putting in place a technology to help in productivity.

The Facial Recognition Temperature Screener uses on-device facial recognition model, matrix temperature sensor and through video analytics, identifies and reminds employees and visitors to put on a face mask before allowing entry. It is also equipped with anti-spoof analytics so that photos and videos do not trick the device in granting access.

Key Features

  • Rapid Contactless Temperature Screening for Visitors
  • Facial Recognition Attendance and Temperature Taking
  • Logging of Face, Temperature and Time
  • Spoof Detection (Requires Living Face)
  • Attendance/Visitors Temperature Reporting
  • Work with Existing Access Control Systems*
  • Works with Mask and No Mask Alerts
  • Integration to Other IT/IOT Systems



  • 7 or 5 inch HD IPS Screen
  • Sony CMOS Camera
  • IR Array Forehead Temperature Detection 
  • Built-in IR Thermometry Sensor (Accuracy ± 0.3℃, Speed ≤ 1s)
  • 10000 Faces
  • Voice Feedback
  • 1 or 2 Channel Alarm Input/Output
  • TF card slot
  • WIFI, RS485, RJ45 Interface
  • DC12V
  • Includes Floor/Desk Pole

Demo Video

This is a demo video of the 7 inch system. The 5 inch Facial Recognition Temperature Screener has the exact functionalities except for the number of alarm channel and screen size.


Unboxing Pictures



 The Facial Recognition Temperature Screener is usually configured via a windows application over the local network:

Once we've gain access to the device, we can start adding faces to the Facial Recognition Temperature Screener. There are 3 ways you can add faces of employee to the system. 

1. Adding face by real time capture. This is where we add faces by having employees standing in front of the Facial Recognition Temperature Screener.

2. Adding face by photo upload. We can upload individual photo to the device. For example, when we have a new employee, we can request for a photo in advance to grant access.

3. Adding face by bulk upload. This is especially useful and it is what we usually do when we help our customers do the initial setup of the system. We will request for a folder of photos, with naming convention for the filename that includes the name, ID, description and even which door to open. Once the folder has been prepared, we can add all the faces at once to the system.

Once we are done with training the faces, we can manage the list of employees and their photos in the face list page. Now we are ready to log our employees temperature twice a day without having to put a headcount to administer the process.

While we have prepared our employees faces in the system, the system also keeps a record of visitors faces as well even though their faces are not likely to be trained in the system. In the event that we are asked to produce the record of temperature taking, we can extract the records within a specific timeframe and apply filter accordingly be it employees records or visitors records.

Once we have the access records which indicates the time, staff name/ID, temperature, we can choose to export to prove that we have safe management measures in place. 

Notice that the system also identify faces with mask. Yes, we can also define if a mask or even helmet is required to gain access. The Facial Recognition Temperature Screener also allow us to activate "Live Detection" where we can prevent people from tricking the camera with a photo.

There are other advanced configuration which we will not cover in this article such as how to interface with existing EM lock, trigger alarm and advanced identification methods.


As a smart home and office solution provider, we seek ways to improve productivity in offices. The COVID situation and the safe management measures pose SMEs with both financial and productivity challenges. We hope to at least play our part in helping to address the productivity challenges. Do contact us if you are keen to have a live/zoom demo for the Facial Recognition Temperature Screener.

Automate Asia Team

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