IKEA Smart Blinds Review

IKEA Smart Blinds Review

Posted by Mike Lim

We love to paint the picture of the blinds automatically rising in the morning to kick start your day. Unfortunately, smart motorised blinds aren’t cheap. No, I’m not even talking about Somfy which cost close to grand in SGD. Even the china OEM blinds cost up to SGD300 (including installation) without factoring the cost of the fabric yet. I know the pain because paid about SGD 600 for motorised blinds and installed the Fibaro Roller Shutter module to control it via Homey hub.

With the introduction of the Fyrtur and Kadrilj range in Singapore, IKEA is changing game. A DIY install motorised roller blind, including fabric can start from only SGD139. Even the biggest size black out blinds cost SGD259. It even comes with 5 years warranty!


The IKEA motorised blinds is battery operated, thus do not require any running of power cables to the windows. The rechargeable battery comes with a micro USB slot for charging purpose.

Users can control the blinds with the remote button (shipped together) as well as mobile phone via the TRÅDFRI gateway (sold separately). If you are using the gateway then you can use the IKEA smart home app for scenes, routines and also other IKEA smart devices. The only major drawback is that the blinds comes in a variety of fixed dimensions. So if your window doesn’t really fit any of the available dimensions, it is going to look pretty odd.

Being a Homey user, we already know that Homey works with out of the box. In fact you can checkout this link for all the Homey compatible IKEA smart home products. Pairing of IKEA blinds to Homey is quite straightforward. Simply select the IKEA TRÅDFRI devices in Homey and select the Fytur (or Kadrilj) Roller Blind to set Homey into Zigbee pairing mode. Press and hold the 2 buttons right beside the battery compartment.

Within 15-20 seconds, the blinds should be paired with the Homey hub and you are good to go. We can also know the battery level within the Homey app to know when we need to recharge it. With the integration to Homey, you can now use Xiaomi or other Z-Wave sensors together with IKEA blinds to create scenes to block out the sun during a hot afternoon.


Being one of the most affordable motorised rollerblinds, you can almost fully fit out motorised blinds for 4-5 windows at the cost of single Somfy blinds. If you like grey-ish fabric (the only color available now), your windows fits the limited predefined dimension of the IKEA blinds and you already have a Homey, why wait?

Automate Asia Team (source : Domotics)

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