Homey and Ring Integration

Homey and Ring Integration

Posted by Mike Lim

A video doorbell allows you to screen your visitors at your door even though you are not at home. There is an array of video doorbells in the market with Ring 2, Ring Pro and the DoorBird taking the lead in terms of popularity.

Ring has partnered with Kevo, Wink, Lockstate and Kisi to allow opening of these lock via the app during visitor screening while DoorBird allow opening of the gates or electromagnetic locks via a dry contact.

The video doorbells seems to be quite standalone devices and require custom integration until Homey came out with Homey app that supports both Ring and DoorBird. With this integration, we can now make them work with our smart home hub without dealing with APIs. Here's how the Ring integration look like.

To add an existing Ring doorbell to Homey, simply install the Ring Homey App into your Homey.

Once it is installed, we have to setup the authentication for Ring in the settings

We now go to the device page to click add and select the model of the Ring doorbell.

Once the Ring doorbell is added to Homey, you will be able to receive notification on the motion alarm as well as the alarm when someone press the bell. Unfortunately, Ring does not allow any 3rd party to pull images or videos from their cloud.

We now can create a flow based with the Ring as a trigger. In this example, music is being played in the house when someone presses the doorbell.

You can even trigger flows when the battery level changes or when there is a firmware update. The list of triggers for Ring alone is quite impressive.

With this integration, you can get notified via Homey app, create special prompt to unlock any z-wave lock after screening your visitors. Video of the demo will be posted soon.

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