Facial Recognition Access Control For Smart Office

Facial Recognition Access Control For Smart Office

Posted by Mike Lim

Most of our smart office deployment involves smart lighting, AC controls and video intercom to manage access control with Doorbird. While Doorbird is great for controlling visitor access, it is lacking in access control for registered users of the office. For this particular office, we are excited to feature and review a facial recognition access video intercom from Hikvision to manage staff access of this office.

The features of this access control video intercom has a 7 inch touch screen with a pair of 2MP camera with detection 0.3 to 3 metres. It takes 0.2 seconds to recognise a face and is able to work without any network connection. Which means if you like to have a stand alone access, control cut off from the internet, you can still use this device as the recognition engine runs on the device itself. It works like a regular video intercom like Doorbird for 2 way audio with the mobile app when it is connected to the internet.


We were rather impressed by the almost instantaneous recognition near, far or even with half the face. We also tried to trick it with a selfie photo without any luck as it has anti-spoof in built with a dual camera (it can tell if you are presenting it with a flat digital image).

Here's some photos of the admin pages where you can add/edit users. 

You can even set multi-factor authentication for certain users (up to 5000 registered faces). For visitors, you can also send a QR code for them to present to the camera to gain access.


The access control can also be setup to call another unit indoor for inter-room communications.


Logging of user access is rather standard for such system but this Hikvision facial recognition access can also do attendance taking. 

As a smart office system integrator, we are also able to integrate with 3rd party systems (i.e Homey) to play personalised messages on speakers upon users access or even take a snapshot of the camera image based on predefined events. 

As the popularity of facial recognition system rises for commercial usage, the cost of such system may even come down to a level where it may be applicable to home uses. While it is now available to commercial users at a reasonable price, we hope can also deploy these to some of our residential customers when it becomes more affordable in the future. Contact us to know more!

 Automate Asia Team

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