Doorbird, Homey Camera Integration and Google Home Access Control

Doorbird, Homey Camera Integration and Google Home Access Control

Posted by Mike Lim

Since the update of Homey firmware to v2.2.0, Homey allowed viewing of camera images in Homey app (

The images can be used in push notification as well as to cast to other devices. At the same time, the Homey Chromecast app also undergone a revamp with some interesting features which we would like to demonstrate in this article.

In this article we are going to do a quick introduction on how we put these together into a seamless way of welcoming guest into our office. Here's the scenario:

1. Guest arrive at our office door and presses on our Doorbird

2. Google Home announces that someone is at the door

3. Homey sends the image captured by Doorbird as a notification to our phones, without the need to open any app to view the visitor

4. Homey cast the same image to a chromecast device, it can be a Google Nest Hub or a TV (in this case we are casting to our projector).

5. We say "Ok Google, open sesame" (please do not try this this outside our door), Doorbird triggers the unlocking of Danalock and the Google Home near the door announces at max volume "Door is unlocked! Come in please!

Here's a sequence of screenshots the integration in Homey and a short video:




Recently we have done an similar integration for a landed property a mail box. The owner's Google home throughout the house will also announce when someone presses the Doorbird.

The flushed model of the Doorbird has 2 relays, one opens the main gate while the other opens the mail box (on the left) for the courier services to drop their parcel for the owner when he unlock the Doorbird.

When the relay for the mail box is being triggered, the 2 electric bolt in the photo will retract, thus allowing the mail box to be opened by the courier to drop in the parcel. This implementation of a smart mailbox allows the owner to receive his online purchases securely without the need to open his gates.

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