Configure your Somfy RTS motorized blinds/curtains with Homey

Configure your Somfy RTS motorized blinds/curtains with Homey

Posted by Mike Lim

Connecting motorized blinds or curtains to a smart home hub isn't new. Whenever our customers like to link their motorized blinds or curtains, regardless of brands, we would advice them to get the AC model with 4 wires (up, down, neutral and earth).

Then we will need to get them to purchase a FIBARO roller shutter module or MCO Home shutter panel to wire up to their motorized system. That's not all, we have to explain clearly to their supplier to make sure they have supplied the right motor, arrange with electrician to wire up the Z-Wave modules to their motorized system. And also, they will require to use Z-Wave remotes instead of using the remotes provided by their supplier. Until now.

Homey now supports Somfy RTS motors ( and Dooya RF ( motors out of the box. No modules required.

Linking Somfy RTS or Dooya blinds can be done in literally less than a minute. Just click on add, press a button behind the remote, click on program and that's it. The video below demonstrates how to link a Somfy RTS venetian blinds to Homey with tilting function. The same applies to Somfy RTS roller blinds and curtains.


You can now control your Somfy RTS and Dooya RF window coverings with Alexa, Google Home or Apple Homekit. Simple as it is.

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