Wifi Network Packages

Posted by Edwin Tan

We often offer whole house wifi signal optimisation as a value added service for our smart home customers, be it for BTO, condominium or landed properties. We love deploying enterprise grade Ubiquiti solutions for residential for its extremely strong wifi signal and stable performance.

Most home owners may plan their network equipment one piece at a time by placing a router in one corner of the house and then add wifi repeaters wherever they do not get a wifi signal and hope the problem will be solved. In extreme cases, they'd probably might use different equipment from different manufacturer with different SSID in different part of the house. Imagine how many times your phone will drop its connection walking from one part of the house to another.

Some of them may even get mesh wifi system such as Google wifi, Asus Lyra or Linksys Velop. These mesh system may provide you a strong wifi signal but might not offer you the speed and latency required for gaming especially if the nodes are not wired to LAN cables. 

Plan your network right from day one with sufficient wifi access points (and LAN points) in strategic location to ensure optimal coverage and speed with us. Don't let your network setup be your bottleneck! Check out this article (5 things you didn't know you are doing it wrongly for your wifi setup) or contact us for the packages below.


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